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Tips for packing plates so they don’t break during a move

Tips for packing plates so they don’t break during a move

pakicng plates for moving

When packing for a move, many people make the mistake of simply stacking their plates inside of a box. With this method, it is almost inevitable that one of the plates will break or crack. There is simply too much pressure on the lower plates to keep them safe during the move. Instead, you should follow these tips when packing plates for a move.

Use the right box

You might be able to get away with using used boxes from the grocery store for some items, but it is best to buy some boxes for your plates and dishes. These boxes will be much sturdier, so you don’t risk the bottom falling out on you – and having all your plates destroyed in the process. For glasses, there are special dish pack boxes which make packing much easier. Remember, plates are heavy so only use medium-sized boxes!

Line the box

Use some wadded up newspaper (or, to save space, a few of your dish towels) to line the bottom of the box. This will absorb some of the shock so the plates don’t break. When choosing a box, remember to choose one which is big enough to accommodate the plates and cushioning at the top and bottom.

Wrap each plate

Using bubble wrap or tissue paper, wrap each of your plates. You can use newspaper, but it isn’t recommended – especially for china. The newsprint can come off on the plates. If you are really pressed for packing material, use your dish towels to wrap the plates.

Pack plates vertically

Instead of laying the plates flat on top of each other, you should be putting the plates horizontally so they are on their sides. This way, there won’t be a load of pressure on the bottom plates causing them to break at the slightest bump or jar.

Put padding on the tops and sides

Put a bit more padding (wadded up newspaper or dish towels) on the sides of the box and on top. The plates should be packed in tight enough so they don’t wobble, but not so tight that the box starts bulging.

Close and label!

Close the box with packing tape. Don’t forget to label it as Fragile on ALL SIDES and write “kitchen” on it too so the movers can put the box in the right room of your new home.

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