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Moving Tips

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At Orange County Movers, we love making your move as headache-free and easy as possible. Even so, there’s several things you should do in preparation for your moving day that will make things that much easier! Follow these professional tips for the best moving experience


1. Make a Plan

Before throwing things into boxes, take a moment to draw up a list of everything you’ll need to do before our movers arrive. Things on this list might include arranging for utility disconnection dates, strategically packing certain rooms before others, alerting your children’s school of your move, arranging for a professional carpet cleaning and saying goodbye to neighborhood friends. The more organized you can be, the better prepared you’ll be to start the new chapter.

2. Get more Packing Supplies than you think you’ll Need

Nothing’s worse than having to stop mid move out to buy more expensive boxes, bubble wrap or tape. With a little preparation, you can acquire most of boxes from free sources! Great places to look are:

  • Liquor Stores – Mostly Small Boxes Perfect for Books/Fragile Goods

  • Supermarkets – Great for Larger Boxes of Linens, Wardrobe Goods

  • Recycling – For the more thrift-inclined, perfectly useable boxes are often tossed into recycling bins for the taking

3. Take Care In Packing Fragile Items

Try placing fragile goods toward the top of your moving truck and carefully wrapping items inside with multiple layers of protective supplies. Always mark fragile boxes to alert movers to take more care with these items. Specially designed glassware boxes to protect your breakables come standard with OC Movers Full Service Moves. Call us for more details.

4. Always Choose a Reputable Company

Demand the company show you proof of DOT insurance. Otherwise, you may be liable if the company damages your property. Beware of low ballers, as they often use day-hires and unreliable, untrained staff and don’t properly maintain their vehicles. Only trust reputable companies with a track-record they can prove!


5. Use a Wardrobe Box for Closet

You’ll be happy you invested in these specially designed boxes meant for your clothes and accessories. They make rehanging your belongings a breeze and wrinkle-free upon arrival. You can use the bottom section for drawer-stored clothing, shoes and bulkier items. Be sure to pack things tightly and to cover the shoulders of your clothes to prevent damage from moving inside the box. A dry cleaning bag works wonders for this purpose.


6. Use Luggage for Personal Items

For the things that you want access to immediately upon arriving at your new destination, use your luggage! Your own suitcase will be much easier to spot than box #104 holding your elusive must-haves.


7. Consider a Garage Sale

If your basement looks like an episode of “Hoarders,” you might want to consider unloading some of your less necessary items before your move. many charitable organizations accept donations of housewares and some offer curbside pickup of larger items like furniture. Not only is moving more than you need expensive, it can be especially annoying to try and fit too many belongings into your new space. Try letting go and experience the zen of release!


8. Label, Label, Label

Having clear descriptions of your belongings can save you the headache of going back through everything to find one lost item. We particularly like colored labels for different rooms of the home – one color for each room. The information you provide on the box, the easier it will be to keep everything together and organized. As such, a Sharpie is a necessary moving tool.

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