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Best way to pack bedding for a move

Best way to pack bedding for a move

Bedding is pretty easy to move because you don’t have to worry about it breaking. However, your bedding can take up a LOT of space – which means that you will need more space in the moving van and more trips carrying boxes. Here are some tips on how to pack bedding when moving to minimize space and work.

See if you can pack it in trash bags

If you are using a moving company, ask them if you are allowed to pack your bedding in trash bags instead of boxes. Then you can just throw your bedding on top of all your other items.

Get a vacuum sealing bag

It is well worth it to get some of those special bags (Space Bags) which can be attached to a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum then sucks all the air out of the bag and compresses the contents. This can reduce the size of your quilts, blankets and pillows by 3x – saving you a lot of room and money on your move.

Use light blankets and sheets to protect your breakables

Instead of buying packing material, use your blankets and sheets to wrap breakable items. You can also use blankets for lining the bottom of large boxes, such as for electronics or other sensitive items.

Put heavy blankets on the bottom of boxes

When packing bedding in boxes or cartons, always put the largest, heaviest items on the bottom, such as quilts or comforters. The reason for this is because all the items on top of them will compress them, causing them to take up less space.

“Camp Out” your last night

One of the frustrating things about moving is that you will need some items right up to the last minute before the move – such as something to sleep on before moving day! One solution is to sleep in your regular beds and quickly pack up bedding in the morning. This is a bit of a hassle though (you don’t need another thing to do on moving day!), so it might be better to camp out instead.

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