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Tips for packing and moving electronics

Tips for packing and moving electronics

Electronics are one of the hardest items to pack and move. Because they are so sensitive and valuable, you will want to make sure to follow these packing tips so your electronics arrive at their destination safely.

Use the right packing equipment

The best way to pack electronics is in their original boxes. If you don’t have these, then buy a new box which fits the electronic (taking into consideration space needed for padding). Ideally, you will use double-walled boxes for electronics. All monitors should be wrapped in tissue paper to prevent scratching.

Disconnect cables – But take pictures first

Always disconnect any cables which are attached to the electronics before packing. If the device has a lot of cables, it is good idea to take a picture of the arrangement first. This will help you put the cables back in their proper place when you set them up again.

Always label boxes

Electronics should be labeled as “fragile” Remember to label the boxes on all sides and the top. You do not, however, want to label the boxes with the contents, such as “laptop” or “stereo” for theft reasons.

Pay attention to temperature

The temperature inside a moving van can get sweltering hot, or freezing cold (depending on when and where you are moving). These temperature extremes can damage electronics. If you have sensitive expensive electronics, you will want to move them in a climate controlled environment.

Read over insurance terms

Make sure you fully understand the insurance coverage which your moving company offers. Most will not fully cover electronics, which can mean a huge expense should anything happen to your belongings in transport.

Backup data

Before moving, be sure to backup any important data you have on your computers or devices. This backup should be transported separately from the device in case something happens.

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