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The best time to move: Save money and reduce stress

The best time to move: Save money and reduce stress

We don’t always have a choice of when we can move. But, if you are a bit flexible with your moving time, you can save a lot of money and stress by choosing the move at just the right time.

If you are renting

If you are going to rent a home when you move, then you will have to choose between whether it is more important for you to have options or to save money.

Most renters move during the summer months (between May and September). During this time, you will find the most amount of rentals available. However, landlords know that most people are looking during this time and will jack up the rates. If you look in the winter months, you won’t have as many options, but you will be able to negotiate better deals on rent.

If you have kids

Do you really want to up your kids and move in the middle of the school year? Moving is stressful enough for kids as it is, but it will be made worse if they are thrown into a new school during the middle of the year when the other kids have already formed clicks and your kid will have to master a new school syllabus. It will cost more to move during the summer, but it will help your kids’ transition better.

If you want to save money on moving costs

Most Americans move during summer and during the last weekend of the month. Good luck trying to negotiate for a cheap moving price during these times! If you have a bit more wiggle room with your moving dates, then you can save a lot of money by moving during the off times (like the middle of the month or winter). If you really have to move during the summer or the end of the month, then book your moving company LONG in advance. Otherwise, all the reputable, affordable moving companies will already be booked up and you’ll have to go with a more expensive one.

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