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Moving on a low budget: Tips for a frugal move

Moving on a low budget: Tips for a frugal move

Maybe you’ve moved many times before and recall with horror how much the move cost you. Or maybe you are doing your first move now and are shocked by how high the moving quotes you get are. Moving is expensive, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are tips on how to move even on a really small budget.

Get rid of as much as you can

The more you have to move, the more the move is going to cost. Take the time to really purge through all of your belongings and get rid of what you don’t need. When you get rid of belongings, you will also be able to rent a smaller place and save money on rent and utilities.

Don’t buy boxes

You can get all the boxes you need for moving for free – so long as you are prepared to spend the time gathering them. Look on websites like Craigslist for free boxes. Avoid using free boxes from grocery stores as these are often dirty. Instead go to furniture stores and ask for boxes.

Use towels and clothes to wrap breakables

With this method, you won’t have to spend money on bubble wrap. You also minimize packing space, which means less boxes to move and reduced costs.

Moving quotes should be in person

Don’t go by the moving quotes you get online or via email. These are generalized quotes based on most people’s needs. No moving company can give you a reliable quote just by knowing how many rooms are in your home and how many people live there! To make sure you are getting a real moving quote, schedule in-person quotes with at least 3 companies.

Doing the move yourself can cost more

If you don’t have many belongings, you can probably handle a DIY move. But, for people with more belongings, it probably doesn’t make financial sense. Not only do you have to pay for the truck and fuel, but you will need to provide food and beverages to anyone helping you. The move will take longer when doing it yourself (and you’ll probably end up with lots of broken items), so it may not be worth the money saved.

Move during the off season

The peak season for moving is summertime, and moves during weekends at the end of the month are also very busy. If you can swing a move during the middle of the month on a workday, or during winter, then you can get much better rates for moving services.

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