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Tips for staying organized during an office move

Tips for staying organized during an office move

The physical act of packing and moving your office can be stressful, but the real stress of an office moves comes when you try to keep operations moving smoothly during the transition period. In the weeks leading up to an office move, you’ve got to deal with issues like having packing supplies and boxes in the way. After you move, there can be a scramble to find much-needed work items. If you don’t keep the chaos under control, you could end up with stalled productivity, lost clients, or a shattered reputation.Here are some tips to help you stay organized during an office move.

Be careful with your cables

If you are going to be installing your own electronic devices, such as computers, then you need to make sure you have a cable management system in place. One simple trick is to take pictures of your cables before you disconnect them. Put cables in their own plastic bags and label each bag. Then put all the cables for the same devices together in a larger plastic bag.

Buy file boxes

Your files are important and you don’t want to risk getting them out of order. Buy some good quality file boxes. Do not try to move the files in the filing cabinets.

Get furniture in place first

Don’t even try to set up your computers or take your files out until you have your furniture arranged exactly how you want it. Imagine trying to move your desk even a few inches after you’ve got everything on it! It is best to plan your office furniture layout in advance, but there might be problems you didn’t account for, like glare on your computer during certain hours or the location of power outlets.

Mark “open first” boxes

Any item that you will need right away should be put in boxes labeled as “open first”. This includes any material related to projects you are currently working on, as well as equipment like computers.

Back up everything!

What would you do if your computer got smashed to bits during the office move? Let’s hope this doesn’t happen – but still prepare for the worst by backing up all essential data you have on your computers. Remember to pack and move the backups separately from the computers.

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