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Professional Packing Services in OC

Professional Packing Services in OC

We come equipped with all the necessary packaging materials that ensures that we not only move your property  but also protect them from breakage. We also try to prevent shock during transportation.  At Orange County Movers, we’ve made an investment in our movers and their equipment.  When we arrive at your door, we come with a custom painted moving truck that we own along with over $2,000 in tools needed for our movers to use leverage more than muscle power to move your furniture, appliances, and other heavy belongings.

By giving our professional movers the professional tools they need to load the truck fast, we keep them fresh for the work they do all day long.  In doing that, they can keep your move on schedule and within your allocated budget.  Should the need arise for professional packing services, look no further.  Packing and moving is our business and if we pack your valuables, rest assured that we are not only professionals who will get it done fast, we are also fully insured and licensed with the federal Department of Transportation (DOT).  As required by law, any damage incurred by our customers is fully insured, however, we operate differently than most moving service companies.  Our employees are actually paid a bonus for every move that is damage free and on time.

We are here to deliver the most stress free move you have every enjoyed.  Let us take care of the packing, loading, disassembly, and re-assembly of your home.  Once you let us take care of you the way we take care of all of our customers, you may never use another moving company again – besides us of course.

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