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Tips for packing and moving electronics

Electronics are one of the hardest items to pack and move. Because they are so sensitive and valuable, you will want to make sure to follow these packing tips so your electronics arrive at their destination safely. Use the right packing equipment The best way to pack electronics is in their original boxes. If you […]

9 things to remember on moving day

Moving requires a lot of organization and planning. The last thing you will want is to realize you forgot one of these important things on moving day! 1. Have cash on hand Be sure to hit up an ATM machine before moving day. You will need cash for things like tipping the movers, paying the […]

A checklists you will need while you move

The key to a successful, stress-free move is staying organized. It might seem like it is impossible to stay organized during a move because of the dozens of small tasks you will have to do, the mountains of paperwork to get through, and the countless items you have to pack. However, with the help of […]

How many wardrobe boxes do you need?

Packing the clothes in your closet for a move can be a big hassle because you have to take them off the hangers, find someplace to pack the hangers, fold up the clothes and pack them, and then put them into the closet of your new home. Since they will probably get wrinkled in the […]

How to get used to your new home?

Moving to a new home is exciting, but it can also be stressful and unsettling as well. So, don’t be surprised if you find that you have trouble sleeping during the first few nights in your new home or feel a bit on edge. Here are some tips which can help you get used to […]

Tips for reassembling furniture like a PRO

Unless all your furniture miraculously fits out your door and in the moving truck, chances are that you will need to take apart and reassemble your furniture during your next move. This can be a nightmarish headache which takes hours to complete. But, if you follow these tips, you’ll have your furniture back together again […]

How to pack a flat screen TV when moving

Flat screen TVs are becoming ever more popular. While these TVs look great and provide an excellent viewing experience, they are rather difficult to move. It is usually best to have professional movers pack the flat screen TV for you because they will have the right boxes and supplies. If you choose to do your […]

How to Find Free Boxes for Moving

If you are moving, then you are going to need boxes, and chances are you will need a LOT more boxes than what you realized! There are plenty of places where you can buy boxes for moving. For those who want to save money on their move, here are some places where you can get […]

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